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Hi there! I am Louis Kraml, a professional travel blogger, and I welcome you to my website. I have been writing articles for various travel websites for a few years now, because I want to share the beauties of our Mother Earth with all the people in the world.

louis kraml

Louis Kraml

How does the life of a travel blogger in general, and especially Louis Kraml’s life look like? For many people, traveling around the world is the perfect job; nevertheless, making money while traveling the world is often a much more complex challenge. I have read this over and over, and it is 100% true: most travel blog owners are unable to sustain themselves, because their websites don’t produce enough income.

Sure, there are a few travel bloggers that have millions of website visitors each month, but you could probably count them all using your fingers. At the other side of the spectrum there are millions of travel bloggers that are unable to earn a decent amount of money. This might sound a bit upsetting to some, but the reality is that most people lose their focus and motivation within the first few months of activity and give up. It is true that this leaves more room for the determined people, who really want to succeed at this.

Also, don’t ignore the fact that visiting lots of interesting places and then writing about them can be quite expensive, especially when you don’t have a big sponsor. Still, there are a few solutions that will help anyone survive until their travel blogging website takes off, and this is exactly what Louis Kraml does for a living: I am a contributor for several travel websites, writing articles for them and thus getting enough money to finance my travel expenses.

If you are interested in going the travel blogging route, the most precious piece of advice coming from Louis Kraml is this: be prepared to work hard for a long time. Do this for one or two years investing all your energy into it, and then either move on to a full time travel blogging job or choose to do something else if the things didn’t work out fine for you. Working as a travel blogger can be a very rewarding experience, but getting this job to the point where it is profitable will be a hard task if you lack determination. In fact, I believe that if by the end of the first year you didn’t manage to create at least a small income stream, then you should definitely consider starting something else.

But what is needed in order to be a successful travel blogger? First of all, you need to be able to produce high quality content fast. Right now I am able to write a good article in less than 30 minutes, and this includes the time needed for research. The good news is that the travel industry has lots of interesting things that you could write about, so you should never run out of ideas!

Of course, if you hate writing several hours a day, then maybe you should choose a different job, because being a travel blogger involves (obviously) travel and blogging. Fortunately, if you love what you do, you will be able to spend many hours (think 10-14 hours) working at your projects each day without getting bored to death – that’s how I, Louis Kraml, started this job and I still do it this way.

In fact, working hard each day will also allow you to set up several travel websites, each one of them targeting different travel niches, and this can increase your monthly income level significantly. Sure, we are not talking about passive income here, so you will have to update all your websites on a regular basis; nevertheless, since you love to travel and write about the places you’ve visited, this should be a pleasant activity, and not boring task.

Another important aspect that will increase / decrease your chances to become a professional travel blogger is the monthly cost of living in your area. It is well known that Western Europe and U.S.A. are expensive places to live in, while lots of countries in Asia and Eastern Europe would allow anyone to have a decent life while spending much less money. The Louis Kraml site is a proof of that; this is exactly what I do and it can make a huge difference in making you a successful travel blogger.

OK, enough rambling about this profession, let’s get back to the Louis Kraml website! I have decided to set up this website because I love to write about interesting places; I have seen quite a few of them, and I believe that you should do the same. I visited the beautiful New York a few years ago and I have found it to be fascinating with its tall skyscrapers and the huge crowds walking frantically on the streets. At the same time, I have visited Moscow and it’s also a fantastic, fascinating place, being loaded with much more traditional architectural masterpieces.

No matter if you live in the U.S.A, South America, Europe, Antarctica, Asia, Africa or Australia, I am sure that there are beautiful places around you – just open your eyes and you will see them!

Some people are a bit surprised when they hear my name: Louis Kraml. I have to admit that this name isn’t used that often, at least in the U.S.A; according to my research, there are a bit over one hundred people that are named Kraml in America. From what I know, Missouri, Illinois and Minnesota have the biggest number of Louis Kraml people. The origins of the name go back in time, which is an elegant way of saying that there isn’t too much information about it.

Anyway, my plan for the Louis Kraml site is to write articles on a big variety of travel related topics; you can expect to see many “Top X Fantastic Travel Destinations” blog posts, one day city guides, travel tips, environmental friendly traveling advice, and so on. I adore the sea and the ocean, so I will also write about some of the most beautiful beaches of the world as well.

One of the travel related topics that I simply love to talk about is food travel; don’t be surprised if you will discover an article that discusses the tasty, exotic dishes that can be savored in some of the smallest countries of the world.

What about animal encounters? Sometimes they can be fun, but some other times they can be very dangerous, so I will let you know about the more risky regions of the world as well. Also, since I am a family man, I won’t ignore the family friendly travel destinations. Finally, I like the “Things to do in…” article series a lot, so you will also get to see some of these types of content pieces.

No matter what I will write about, my goal is to post at least an article per week on this blog, so make sure to check the website on a regular basis. You can check some of the articles that I have written by reading my blog posts; you will find the links to the most recent ones on the right side of this page. The same place lists all the articles by category, in case that you would rather read them on a per category basis.

That’s pretty much it for now! Don’t forget to check out my articles – I guarantee that you will simply love some of the pictures and movies I’m including here. Many thanks from Louis Kraml, who is signing out right now!